How To Get Started

Basic Mechanics

  • VPP Pokémon starts out as an egg. They hatch after 15 posts are made.
  • VPP Pokémon will take a grand total of 175 posts to reach level 100.
  • Once a VPP Pokémon reaches level 100, it is sent to your Hall of Fame and you may raise a new Pokémon.
  • Make a post here in the VPP Breeder Stats thread to keep track of your Pokémon, Items, and Points.

To join and receive your very own VPP, if you have at least 10 posts, just make a new post filling out the following form:

Post Count:
Northern or Southern Hemisphere:

Simply fill that out in a new post in the thread and you should be all set.


  • No cheating, obviously.
  • Don’t copy/steal the VPP for your own or another forum.
  • You may not calculate your own VPP numbers.
  • No free VPPs based on your current post count.

First Steps
After you have made a post in this thread with the completed form, please wait for me to calculate your post count.
After you have been accepted, you are recommended to make a post in the VPP Breeder Stats thread to track your progress and record your completed VPPs. It’s recommended to place a link to your stats post in your signature. In addition, you may choose to display your current VPP in your signature.